You don’t want to visit a Spanish-speaking country to be the lonely foreigner.

You want to travel to a Spanish-speaking country and start learning Spanish because you want to start your new exciting journey. To make friends, study, work and, eventually feel fully integrated into a new community and start connecting with the locals quickly. 

But let’s be real: emigrating and learning a language is hard.

No matter how much others try to sugarcoat this situation for you, It’s arduous, energy-consuming, and most of the times, it’s just not what you expected.

I know it first hand. Been there, done that.

Suddenly you are the foreigner that everyone wants to sell stuff to.

People smile at you from all those oh-so-expensive flyers advertising Spanish courses. That is just bananas, you don’t have all that money to spare and definitely don’t want to sit all those hours inside a sad, boring classroom. You want to be out there and experience the real connection with people as soon as possible.



All you want to do is to become part of a Spanish-speaking country, make some friends, study at the university. Why does it have to be so hard? Why won’t anyone help you with this?
  Good news is:
I know exactly how to help you. 



This is My Story

Hi there! I’m Carolina or Carol, like my loved ones call me, the founder of Connect with Spanish. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I’ve lived most of my life although I’ve been travelling quite a lot lately.  I’m passionate about dancing tango, travelling and I also love drinking ‘mate’, our national beverage.

In 2010 I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in teaching English as a foreign language that has made me connect with this rewarding profession. I’ve taught English for over 8 years now, in primary and secondary schools in Buenos Aires as well as at the university level.

In 2015 I moved to Australia where I lived for one year. Living and working abroad has sparked my love and passion to start teaching my mother tongue, Spanish. I’ve graduated with a Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a second and foreign language from UTN (National Technological University).

Now, I’m on a mission to help you communicate confidently and connect in Spanish, whether you are a rookie or you want to improve the language you already know. Having experienced the traditional teaching methodology as well as online learning, I can say that with the second one, language learners are able to keep their motivation always up and accomplish their goals faster. Our sessions will be all about getting you ready to face the everyday matters of your new Spanish journey because I know myself how it feels like to learn a foreign language and the challenges one has to overcome along the way. I welcome you to this awesome journey!


Some random facts about me:


Passion fruit is my favourite ice-cream flavour.


The smell of ‘Yerba Mate’ makes me feel at home when I travel and miss my family and friends.


I am passionate about Astrology and any other self-development tool.

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