Nobody has time to be fumbling around all those looong boring courses that don’t actually cover your real needs.

Let’s focus on what you need TODAY.

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General Spanish

I know some people say that the Spanish we speak in Argentina is a completely different language. But are they right? We do connect and communicate with Spanish speakers from other countries and make everybody fall in love with our lovely accent. But still, which are the most common expressions and words? How is it different and still perfectly clear? Why does it sound so unbelievably nice? Intrigued by these facts? Let me show you how to chat and connect with your new friends and/or family like a local.

What’s included:

  • Specific vocabulary for everyday situations: from small talk, weather talk, elevator talk, to bigger deals such as having dinner with friends and family.
  • What to say and, more important: what not to say.
  • Cultural facts behind common use phrases. What kind of things could sound offensive and why.
  • Effective coaching that includes practice for these real life conversations. We’ll recreate all those situations you’ll be likely to face and make sure you do great.

How will this change my life for good?

No more standing in the corner looking lonely and confused. You’ll own the keys to a successful conversation kick-start, the tools to keep it going on and to finish it in a polite way.

You’ll know exactly how to talk to the locals, from random people you meet at the bus stop to your coworkers and in-laws. You’ll always make a great impression!

Tengo Tango

It’s practically impossible to be in Argentina and not be interested in Tango. Everywhere you go, you feel it all around you. It’s in the atmosphere for you to breathe and feel. I mean, who doesn’t love it? I certainly do! I’ve been taking tango lessons since I was a teenager and I can show you how to connect with your teachers in a tango lesson or with the habitués when you visit a milonga.

Think this is easy because you already know basic Spanish? Think again! There are a lot of cultural facts to take into consideration: how to greet people like a local, how to invite somebody to dance in a proper way, and so much more! Lots of local culture hiding behind the language. I can help you unveil this particular code so that you can connect with tango lovers in their own environment. Sounds like a plan? get on board, then. Tengo Tango para vos!

What’s included:

  • Real life dialogues around the most common situations.
  • A step by step guide on the cultural codes of a milonga.
  • Language practice with a native speaker and also tango dancer teacher.

How will this change my life for good?

You’ll have the confidence to step into a milonga knowing exactly how to reply when people approach you, or even how to approach people yourself.

No more freezing, babbling or feeling like the weird foreigner.

Success at CELU examination

CELU (Certificado de Español Lengua y Uso) is the first official certificate in Spanish Language that enables you to study a career in an Argentinean university and/or work for an Argentinean company. It focuses on your ability to communicate, connect with people and do common tasks in Spanish.

A CELU certification will show your future employers and everybody else that you are ready to handle your new life in a Spanish speaking environment like a pro. Excellent news are: it doesn’t grade you applying the old 1 to 10 or A to F scale. Either you pass it or not. Striking and really down-to-earth, right?

What’s included:

  •  Directions on how to pass the exam.
  • Real passing and failing examples.
  • The do’s and don’ts.
  • Coaching, practice and corrections from a teacher’s viewpoint.
  • Honest feedback on your passing chances. No more wasting your time and money if the victory is not guaranteed.

How will this change my life for good?

You’ll have an official certification to show to your possible employers.

You’ll be able to study at the university like any other local.

You’ll learn how to actually use the language to connect and work with people in the real world rather than how to complete drills or recite verb tenses conjugations.

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